Case Study: Biuro Podrozy Rapala’s Incentive Trip

Oct 19, 2023 | Incentive Porfolio

When a representative of Biuro Podrozy Rapala, a respected Polish tour operator, approached our team, it signaled the beginning of a notable collaboration.

The end client, a prominent Polish Insurance Company, had a clear objective: to design an incentive program that would recognize and reward their top-performing sales representatives.

The criteria were precise—a program infused with fun and relaxation, complemented with delicous culinary experiences and engaging and fun activities.

Leveraging our expertise in bespoke incentive travel within Cyprus, we were prepared to quickly deliver to these exacting standards.

Incentive Program Overview

Group Dynamics: Given the client’s preference for a relaxed ambiance and the celebratory intent of rewarding their sales team, our design aimed to balance leisure with enjoyable activities.

Group Size: Catered to a group size of 42 participants.

Accommodation: The esteemed St Raphael Resort in Limassol, synonymous with affordable luxury and comfort.

Daytime Entertainment: Captains’ Cabin beach bar was the hotspot, providing an energetic blend of sunbathing, dancing, delightful music, and a diverse range of food and drinks.

Signature Activities:

– A morning cruise allowed attendees to bask in the sun, swim, and indulge in lighthearted enjoyment.

– An evening sunset cruise set the mood with live music, premier catering, and an open bar—transforming the sea voyage into a jubilant celebration.

Culinary Finale: The program was crowned with a farewell dinner at Karatello Restaurant, a gem located in the charming old city of Limassol.

Client Feedback & Review

Communication and Planning

Our commitment to effective and efficient communication has always been a cornerstone of our operations.

We were delighted to learn that our client deeply appreciated our swift responses and our capability to truly comprehend the needs of their clientele. The clarity and precision of our offer further solidified their confidence in our expertise.

As per the client’s feedback, our proactive approach in understanding and catering to their requirements played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of the incentive program.

Overall End-Client Satisfaction

The end-client experience remains at the heart of our service delivery. Their feedback serves as an invaluable metric for our performance.

It was therefore gratifying to note that, on a scale from 1 to 10—with 10 indicating ‘extremely satisfied’—our client emphatically marked their experience in Cyprus as a perfect 10.

Such an accolade reflects our unwavering dedication to creating unparalleled experiences that exceed expectations.

Future Collaborations

We believe that the true testament to a successful collaboration lies in a client’s willingness to re-engage.

The feedback from our client was overwhelmingly positive, encompassing all facets of our services—from the initial offer to the flawless execution of the program.

Their enthusiastic affirmation of considering our services for future endeavors fills us with pride and reinforces our commitment to continuous excellence.

For a comprehensive look at the client’s feedback, please check the full review here.

In the dynamic realm of destination management and incentive programs, client satisfaction remains the truest metric of success.

Our collaboration with Biuro Podrozy Rapala and the subsequent feedback underscores our unwavering commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and the passion with which we approach every project.

With every success story, we’re reminded of our mission: to craft unique, unforgettable experiences tailored to each client’s specific needs.

Take the Next Step

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As a leading Destination Management Company (DMC), we have honed our skills, resources, and local expertise to ensure that every facet of your event is executed to perfection.

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