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Cyprus Incentive Travel: Top 2 Teambuilding Activities

Nov 13, 2023 | Cyprus, Destination Management, Incentive

Corporate incentives are an essential component of contemporary business strategy, and Cyprus has emerged as a distinguished destination for such initiatives.

As a seasoned Destination Management Company in Cyprus, Travel Plus specializes in the orchestration of sophisticated team-building activities.

Our approach is to facilitate corporate synergy through experiential learning and shared challenges in the picturesque setting of Cyprus.

Activity 1: Mini Olympics – Sports Tournament

Corporate teams can reach new heights of collaboration through our Mini Olympics sports tournament. Carefully curated within the premises of your selected hotel, this event includes a series of athletic contests, such as football and beach volleyball.

Every aspect, from the presence of professional referees to the provision of a digital scoreboard and the accompaniment of a curated musical ambiance by a professional DJ, is meticulously planned to ensure an immersive and competitive environment.

This activity underscores the importance of strategic teamwork and collective effort in achieving success.



Cyprus Incentive DMC

Activity 2: Adventure Park

A visit to an Adventure Park is designed to push the boundaries of traditional team-building exercises.

Participants engage in an offroad buggy tour, navigating the terrain of Cyprus, and tackling an enduro motorcycle course that demands both individual skill and team coordination.

The strategic application extends to our paintball sessions, where tactical group dynamics are essential. These activities are engineered to improve problem-solving capabilities, adaptability, and trust within corporate teams, reflecting the complexities of the business landscape.


Cyprus Incentive DMC

Why Choose Cyprus

Selecting Cyprus for your corporate incentive trip offers a strategic advantage.

Our expertise as a premier Incentive DMC in Cyprus allows us to integrate the island’s cultural and scenic offerings into a cohesive team-building program.

The result is a series of activities that are not only enjoyable but also constructively align with your organization’s team development objectives.


Cyprus Incentive DMC

Future Collaborations

The team-building experiences curated by  Travel Plus serve as a catalyst for professional growth and enhanced group dynamics.

In the context of Cyprus’s rich landscapes and heritage, we offer a suite of activities that encapsulate the essence of teamwork and leadership required in today’s corporate arena.

We invite you to advance the cohesion and competitive edge of your corporate teams through our bespoke team-building activities in Cyprus.

Engage with us, at, your trusted Incentive DMC partner in Cyprus, to craft an experience that resonates with your organizational values and goals.

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