Incentive Travel: Why Cyprus is an Amazing Incentive Destination

Incentive Travel: Why Cyprus is an Amazing Incentive Destination

Incentive DMC Cyprus

Incentive Travel: Why Cyprus is an Amazing Incentive Destination

Welcome to Cyprus, the Mediterranean’s hidden gem, where ancient history and modern luxury blend seamlessly to create the ultimate setting for incentive travel.

It’s a place where every moment is steeped in sunshine, every meal is a celebration of taste, and every experience is designed to inspire and reward.

As a premier destination for corporate retreats and events, Cyprus offers an exceptional combination of natural beauty, cultural richness, and top-tier professional facilities. Dive into an exploration of what makes Cyprus an irresistible choice for those looking to elevate their corporate travel incentives to unparalleled heights.

The Alluring Cypriot Weather

Cyprus, the sun-kissed jewel of the Mediterranean, welcomes incentive travelers with its embrace of year-round sunshine. Imagine conducting your team-building activities against the backdrop of crystal-clear skies, whether it’s January or June.

The weather in Cyprus is a boon for planners, ensuring almost guaranteed perfect conditions for outdoor events, encouraging a seamless blend of work and play.

Exceptional Value

Financial considerations are integral to selecting an incentive destination, and Cyprus excels by offering a surprising price-to-value ratio.

Detailed cost comparisons reveal that Cyprus often undercuts other European or Middle Eastern destinations, not by cutting corners, but by leveraging the efficiency and hospitality that the island is known for.

From luxury resorts to affordable 5* & 4* hotels, each property presents a cost-effective solution without compromising quality or service.

DMC Cyprus

Cyprus’ Commitment to Safety

Safety is not a luxury; it’s a necessity, especially in today’s world. In Cyprus, safety is woven into the fabric of travel experiences.

The island consistently ranks high in global safety indexes, which is a testament to the peaceful environment and the low crime rate that assures peace of mind for travelers.

This secure backdrop is crucial for fostering an environment where creativity and collaboration can flourish. 

The Warmth of Cyprus: A Cultural Tapestry That Welcomes All

The Cypriot ethos is one of ‘filoxenia,’ a term that directly translates to ‘love of strangers’ and is deeply rooted in the island’s culture.

This tradition of hospitality is palpable, from the warm greetings to the generous offerings that are a hallmark of Cypriot interaction.

It’s a culture that wraps its arms around visitors, creating a sense of belonging and an atmosphere where incentive travelers can form genuine connections.

DMC Cyprus

Delving into Authentic Cypriot Cuisine

The Cypriot table is a reflection of the island’s rich history—a crossroads of European, Asian, and African influences, creating a gastronomic tapestry that is as diverse as it is delicious.

Corporate groups can embark on culinary journeys, from wine tasting in the Troodos mountains to seaside feasts featuring the day’s freshest catch, turning every meal into an event to remember.

Logistical Ease: The Convenience of Short Distances

Time is of the essence, especially in incentive travel. Cyprus is uniquely positioned to turn what would be transit time into time well spent.

The proximity of attractions means that you can watch the sunrise from a mountain peak and be dipping your toes in the sea by sunset. This logistical convenience allows for diverse itineraries that are rich in experiences yet require minimal transit time.

Cyprus Incentive DMC

The Ideal Setting: Find Any Type of Venue

Cyprus offers a venue for every vision. Whether it’s a conference within the walls of a renovated carob mill or a gala in a sleek, modern facility overlooking the Mediterranean, the settings inspire and motivate.

The variety of accommodations ensures that every group finds a home that resonates with their ethos, from the intimacy of a boutique hotel to the grandeur of a resort.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure: Ready for Business, Tailored for Leisure

The island’s infrastructure is primed for the most demanding of incentive programs.

With a robust network of service providers, Cyprus offers everything from high-tech conference facilities to personalized leisure activities, all delivered with a professionalism that matches the highest international standards.

DMC Cyprus

Your DMC Partner in Cyprus: Crafting Unique Experiences

As your DMC partner in Cyprus, we understand the nuances of this destination and how to harness them to create unparalleled incentive travel programs.

Our local knowledge and expertise translate into experiences that are thoughtfully tailored, whether it’s a bespoke adventure, cultural immersion, or a corporate retreat that achieves your strategic objectives.

Cyprus is not just a location; it’s a destination that offers a seamless blend of professional services, stunning environments, and heartfelt hospitality. It’s a place where incentive travel evolves into an unforgettable experience.

We invite you to discover the wonders of Cyprus and to entrust us with the privilege of turning your incentive travel aspirations into reality.

Reach out to us, at, your trusted Incentive DMC partner in Cyprus, to craft an experience that resonates with your organizational values and goals.

Cyprus Incentive Travel: Top 2 Teambuilding Activities

Cyprus Incentive Travel: Top 2 Teambuilding Activities

Cyprus Incentive DMC

Cyprus Incentive Travel: Top 2 Teambuilding Activities

Corporate incentives are an essential component of contemporary business strategy, and Cyprus has emerged as a distinguished destination for such initiatives.

As a seasoned Destination Management Company in Cyprus, Travel Plus specializes in the orchestration of sophisticated team-building activities.

Our approach is to facilitate corporate synergy through experiential learning and shared challenges in the picturesque setting of Cyprus.

Activity 1: Mini Olympics – Sports Tournament

Corporate teams can reach new heights of collaboration through our Mini Olympics sports tournament. Carefully curated within the premises of your selected hotel, this event includes a series of athletic contests, such as football and beach volleyball.

Every aspect, from the presence of professional referees to the provision of a digital scoreboard and the accompaniment of a curated musical ambiance by a professional DJ, is meticulously planned to ensure an immersive and competitive environment.

This activity underscores the importance of strategic teamwork and collective effort in achieving success.



Cyprus Incentive DMC

Activity 2: Adventure Park

A visit to an Adventure Park is designed to push the boundaries of traditional team-building exercises.

Participants engage in an offroad buggy tour, navigating the terrain of Cyprus, and tackling an enduro motorcycle course that demands both individual skill and team coordination.

The strategic application extends to our paintball sessions, where tactical group dynamics are essential. These activities are engineered to improve problem-solving capabilities, adaptability, and trust within corporate teams, reflecting the complexities of the business landscape.


Cyprus Incentive DMC

Why Choose Cyprus

Selecting Cyprus for your corporate incentive trip offers a strategic advantage.

Our expertise as a premier Incentive DMC in Cyprus allows us to integrate the island’s cultural and scenic offerings into a cohesive team-building program.

The result is a series of activities that are not only enjoyable but also constructively align with your organization’s team development objectives.


Cyprus Incentive DMC

Future Collaborations

The team-building experiences curated by  Travel Plus serve as a catalyst for professional growth and enhanced group dynamics.

In the context of Cyprus’s rich landscapes and heritage, we offer a suite of activities that encapsulate the essence of teamwork and leadership required in today’s corporate arena.

We invite you to advance the cohesion and competitive edge of your corporate teams through our bespoke team-building activities in Cyprus.

Engage with us, at, your trusted Incentive DMC partner in Cyprus, to craft an experience that resonates with your organizational values and goals.

6 Tips to Future-Proof your Incentive Travel Programs

6 Tips to Future-Proof your Incentive Travel Programs

6 Tips to Future-Proof your Incentive Travel Programs

In today’s fast-paced corporate environment, incentive travel programmes have emerged as powerful tools to motivate, reward, and create memorable experiences for employees.

These programs aren’t just about exotic destinations or luxurious retreats; they represent a strategic approach to drive performance, foster team cohesion, and recognize exceptional contributions.

As the corporate landscape continuously shifts, reimagining and adapting these programs becomes paramount. 

US-based incentive travel expert, Brightspot, offers an in-depth exploration into refining incentive travel plans, presenting six foundational strategies.

1. Re-think the ‘Why’ of incentive travel

Has it been a while since you last delved into the core purpose behind your incentive travel programmes? As the world evolves, so do corporate goals.

Assess if your current programme truly aligns with these new directives. Is it flexible enough to accommodate today’s rapid business changes? Are there new teams or divisions that play crucial roles in driving results?

It’s paramount to revisit the foundational aspects of your programme, ensure its contemporary relevance, and reassess its goals.

2. Focus on ‘Who’

It’s not uncommon for companies to occasionally lose sight of their incentive programme’s primary audience. There might be numerous opinions floating around regarding potential destinations or activities.

But decisions driven by the preferences of senior leadership might not always resonate with the broader workforce. For instance, a luxury resort might be a CEO’s dream, but it could be outside the comfort zone of many employees.

Similarly, a golfing retreat might enthral a few but leave others indifferent. It’s essential to remain attuned to the aspirations and preferences of those you’re aiming to motivate.

3. Communicate better and often

Robust communication strategies lie at the heart of any successful incentive programme. This encompasses more than just sporadic announcements.

From teaser campaigns to detailed newsletters, from dedicated websites to pre-trip kits—each communication tool plays a vital role in maintaining enthusiasm and interest.

By artfully promoting the programme and its intricacies, you not only create palpable excitement but also foster a culture where everyone feels they’re working towards a shared goal.

4. Authenticity is key

Gone are the days of cookie-cutter experiences. Today’s discerning employees seek genuine, transformative experiences. This means immersing in local traditions, sampling indigenous cuisines, or participating in activities that offer a true taste of a destination’s essence.

Activities like rum tasting in Jamaica or folklore tours in Ireland are more than just fun—they’re a gateway to understanding diverse cultures, broadening horizons, and fostering personal growth.

5. Deliver the ‘Wow’ factor

While the allure of a new destination is often enough to excite, adding a touch of unexpected magic can elevate the entire experience. Collaborate closely with your agency and DMC to craft experiences that remain etched in memory.

Think along the lines of sunset dinners atop mountains or exclusive performances in world-renowned venues. These aren’t just events; they’re stories waiting to be lived and retold.

6. Embrace the art of gift giving

Beyond experiences, tangible mementos have their own charm. Especially when they resonate with the essence of the destination.

From artisanal crafts to locally-made accessories, such gifts serve as enduring reminders of a memorable journey. An artisan market setup can further enrich this experience, adding a personal touch to the art of gifting.

Incentive travel is an intricate blend of motivation, recognition, and experience. As the corporate world evolves, so must these programmes to remain effective and relevant.

And while global destinations offer a plethora of choices, few match the allure of Cyprus. With its rich history, vibrant culture, and breathtaking landscapes, Cyprus beckons as an ideal incentive travel destination.

For those intrigued by the Cypriot charm or seeking to revitalize their incentive programs, reach out to our seasoned Destination Management Company (DMC) at

Together, let’s craft experiences that aren’t merely trips, but narratives that resonate.

8 Benefits of Incentive Travel

8 Benefits of Incentive Travel

8 Benefits of Incentive Travel

In the intricate landscape of contemporary business, understanding and leveraging effective motivational tools is more vital than ever. Amid this, incentive travel programmes have gained notable prominence. Inspired by the insights from the recent report of ibtm WORLD -“Incentive Travel Report 2023” by Mike Fletcher, this article dives into the multifaceted benefits of such programs.

When orchestrated adeptly, the impacts of incentive travel echo before, during, and long after the experience. Here, we’ll explore eight compelling reasons why travel incentives stand out as powerful motivators for staff.

“Businesses will always look at ways to grow. Now, more than ever there is an emphasis on gaining, engaging and nurturing talent. These are key drivers of the incentive market.” 

– Patrick Delaney, Managing Director of SoolNua.

1. Happiness and Inspiration

In an era of escalating living costs, monetary rewards often get channelled into mundane essentials. Contrarily, travel incentives offer a tantalising escape from routine, ensuring employees return invigorated, happier, and brimming with inspiration. 

2. Performance

Promising travel as a reward tends to captivate minds far more than cash or discount vouchers. This emotional allure translates into palpable surges in diligence, dedication, and performance. The equation is simple: deeper emotional engagement leads to profound behavioural shifts.

3. Word-of-mouth and social media

Today’s interconnected world values unique experiences over material possessions. Securing a spot on an incentive travel programme becomes a brag-worthy achievement, prompting participants to share and celebrate the journey – and by extension, the benefactor organisation – across social platforms.

4. Rest and relaxation

Beyond the immediate thrill of a luxurious getaway, such incentives provide invaluable rest and relaxation. This time away rejuvenates participants, allowing them to return to work with a renewed zest and clearer perspective.

5. Appreciation and reciprocation

Incentive travel creates profound feelings of appreciation. This emotional resonance often translates into a keen desire to repay the organisation through heightened loyalty, productivity, and ingenuity. Moreover, the enduring memory of such experiences fosters a continued sense of value and positive workplace behaviour.

6. Teamwork

Incentive programmes inherently champion teamwork. When a grand reward awaits the collective, individual members are naturally driven to collaborate seamlessly, fostering camaraderie and setting the stage for enhanced future performances.

7. Talent retention

Recognising efforts through travel incentives significantly bolsters talent retention. Employees tend to gravitate towards organisations that reward loyalty and outstanding performance with memorable experiences. The more ‘share-worthy’ these rewards, the greater the company’s appeal in the eyes of potential hires.

8. Professional and personal development

While the allure of a new destination is undeniable, incentive travels can also be gateways to holistic development. By weaving in local cultural experiences, like wine pairing or yoga sessions, you ensure participants return not just refreshed, but also enriched.

Incentive travel programmes are much more than just rewards; they are strategic investments that yield tangible returns in terms of employee satisfaction, performance, and loyalty. By prioritising such programs, businesses can foster a culture that not only recognises effort but also nurtures growth.

Are you keen on exploring the transformative power of incentive travel in the picturesque landscape of Cyprus? Let our dedicated team at Travel Plus craft an experience that resonates with your organisational goals and the aspirations of your team. Connect with our Destination Management Company (DMC) at and embark on a journey that promises unparalleled value.

Incentive Travel Report (2023): A sector adapting to recovery

Incentive Travel Report (2023): A sector adapting to recovery

Incentive Travel Report (2023): A sector adapting to recovery

As the tapestry of the post-pandemic world unfurls, the leisure travel scene gleams, while its business counterpart threads through uncharted terrains. With global concerns of the environment, tighter wallets, and the surge of virtual gatherings, the landscape of business travel has significantly transformed.
So, how is incentive travel evolving amidst these winds of change? Let’s unravel the nuances and discover how it remains a quintessential tool for motivation and employee connection.

The findings in this article are a Snapshot from the ibtm WORLD – “INCENTIVE TRAVEL REPORT 2023” by Mike Fletcher.

“The definition is changing. We’re seeing businesses re-label incentives to show positive impacts on people, planet, and profit.
– David Taylor, Non-Executive Director of BCD Meetings & Events

The Market Recovery of Incentive Travel

Lending an optimistic view to the future, Allied Market Research estimates that by 2031, the global market value for incentive travel could touch a commendable US$216.8 billion (£174 billion) if the current annual growth rate of 12.1% holds steady. While this projection might seem dwarfed by the hefty US$805 billion (£645.8 billion) valuation of 2017, it’s a beacon of resurgence for this pivotal segment of the MICE industry.

The 2022 Incentive Travel Index (ITI), spearheaded by financial stalwarts such as FICP, IRF, and SITE, forecasts a hearty 48% recovery in participant numbers for incentive travel programs this year, with an anticipated 61% boost come 2024, juxtaposed against 2019’s figures.

The Changing Face of Incentive Travel

As our modern workforces disperse more widely and retaining top talent becomes akin to holding water in our hands, the role of incentive travel has undergone a metamorphosis in our post-Covid realm. Not just a cherry on the cake for over-performers, it’s become a cornerstone in sculpting company culture and amplifying employee engagement.

Diving deeper, the ITI reveals that a whopping 67% cite ‘Retention of Employees’ as the top reason restoring incentive travel’s strategic prominence. Cast your mind back to a time when incentive travel was the golden carrot dangling in front of top salespeople. They’d hustle and compete, vying to bag that coveted long-haul travel experience by smashing targets or raking in maximum revenue.

But as Bob Dylan rightly crooned, “The times, they are a-changin’.” Today, 66% of incentive travel agencies underscore the importance of the “softer” facets. It’s not just about the race to the finish line anymore. It’s about inclusivity, forging peer relationships, and yes, even having the choice to take a partner on that all-expenses-paid trip. These once-overlooked aspects have now stepped into the spotlight, reshaping the foundation of corporate reward and recognition programs.

Wellness and Sustainability in Program Design

Today’s incentives professional is no longer just a travel coordinator but a wellness and sustainability advocate. With the rising tide of workplace challenges like loneliness, stress, and burnout, there’s a marked shift towards incorporating time-off excursions that focus on holistic wellness.

To underscore this shift, 35% of the global respondents to the ITI emphasized the escalating importance of wellness activities. Moreover, 44% have highlighted the significance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in team-building initiatives. Almost half of the respondents outside of North America have admitted to placing greater emphasis on sustainable travel modes.

Destination preferences are also evolving.

Buyers outside North America are showing increased interest in places like: 

North Americans  seem to be leaning towards nearby locales:

Which Sectors are Prioritising Incentive Travel?

A closer look reveals that the ‘Finance and Insurance’ sector is taking the lead, with 63% of agencies placing it among their top three clientele. Sectors like SaaS (48%), Pharmaceutical and Healthcare (39%), Direct to Consumer (27%), and Automotive (22%) also find a prominent place in the incentive travel itinerary.

Challenges Looming on the Horizon

Every silver lining comes with a cloud. Agencies express concerns over talent shortages, inflation, and limited hotel availability. A staggering 85% of North American ITI respondents and 73% from other regions cite inflation and burgeoning travel costs as primary worries. However, in the face of these challenges, the industry is not just adapting but flourishing. Experiential, authentic, and unforgettable travel experiences, once the icing, are now the cake’s main ingredient. The era of private access to popular venues, exclusive guides, and exceptional meals in surprising locales has dawned, rendering these experiences invaluable.

“Program design continues to evolve and we can see shifting preferences impacting what’s now included…sustainability and CSR opportunities are considered more important by industry professionals outside of North America.”
– Stephanie Harris, President of IRF

Navigating the labyrinth of post-pandemic changes, incentive travel has not only adapted but thrived, reshaping its contours to align with the zeitgeist of our times. It’s more than just a reward; it’s a testament to adaptability, resilience, and the innate human desire for meaningful experiences.

Cyprus, with its pristine landscapes and rich heritage, is aligning with the future of incentive travel. It’s not just about the location, but the experiences: from wellness retreats by the Mediterranean to innovative sustainable practises.

As the world of business travel evolves, Cyprus stands ready to offer both memorable moments of the past and forward-thinking experiences of the future. Interested in crafting a unique journey?

Connect with us at TravelPlus at and let’s explore the potential together.

Top 5 Hotels in Limassol with Conference Facilities

Top 5 Hotels in Limassol with Conference Facilities

Top 5 Hotels in Limassol with Conference Facilities

The business world never rests, and the art of corporate gatherings is a testament to that. As an esteemed professional, you understand that the venue for such gatherings is paramount. It sets the tone, influences interactions, and can significantly impact the outcomes of such events.

Enter Limassol, Cyprus – a city where modern business infrastructure seamlessly intertwines with the timeless allure of the Mediterranean. Limassol, in its essence, is both a bustling business hub and an epitome of Mediterranean charm.

Let’s delve deeper into the top-notch venues Limassol has to offer:

1. Amathus Beach Hotel 5*

A synthesis of luxury and functionality, Amathus Beach Hotel stands as a beacon for corporate gatherings. With its state-of-the-art facilities juxtaposed against the azure waters, it offers an ideal ambiance for productive deliberations.

Capacity of Conference Facilities:

– Theatre Style: 350
– Classroom Style: 180
– Reception: 500-600
– U-Shaped: 56
– Banquet: 300-450


Link to hotel conference, meetings & events brochure

2. Parklane Resort & Spa 5*

Crafted for discernment, Parklane embodies the essence of grandeur and professionalism. Whether you’re convening in the regal ballroom or the sea-facing Park Room, each moment here is curated for corporate excellence.

Capacity of Conference Facilities:

– Theatre Style: 1300
– Classroom Style: 800
– Reception: 1200
– U-Shaped: 70
– Banquet: 600


Link to hotel conference, meetings & events website

3. St. Raphael Resort 5*

St. Raphael Resort encapsulates versatility. Catering to a broad spectrum of events, from strategic board meetings to grand celebrations, it ensures every need is addressed with precision and elegance.

Capacity of Conference Facilities:
– Theatre Style: 525
– Classroom Style: 300
– Reception: 1000
– U-Shaped: 60
– Banquet: 350


Link to hotel conference, meetings & events website

4. Crowne Plaza Limassol 4*

Located at the strategic Olympian seafront, Crowne Plaza offers more than just vistas; it offers an environment conducive for business. Its modern facilities, aligned with a touch of sophistication, make it a preferred choice for many corporate leaders.

Capacity of Conference Facilities:
– Theatre Style: 300
– Classroom Style: 180
– Reception: 400
– U-Shaped: 100
– Banquet: 300

Link to hotel conference, meetings & events website

5. Mediterranean Beach Hotel 4*

Rooted in Cypriot tradition yet aligned with global standards, the Mediterranean Beach Hotel stands as a testament to refined hospitality. Every corporate event here feels both grounded and elevated, a unique blend the hotel masters effortlessly.

Capacity of Conference Facilities:
– Theatre Style: 270
– Classroom Style: 140
– U-Shaped: 60
– Banquet: 150

Link to hotel conference, meetings & events website

In essence, Limassol offers not just venues, but experiences that amplify the essence of your corporate events. If your objective is to make a lasting impression while ensuring substantive interactions, these venues are worth your consideration.

For tailored assistance in planning your next corporate event or incentive travel in Limassol, feel free to reach out at

Because every business decision deserves the right backdrop.

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